Dear Beloved,
 For the past 3 years we have been believing and praying to our Lord to floor our church with commercial tile. At present it is a cement slab. Just yesterday I visited a tile contractor who is a great friend to Linda and I. Well, he had the deal of the century. A true God deal. He found Porcelain, commercial grade tile for .89 cents a square foot. Beloved this price in itself is a miracle from God.This is a wholesale cost price, much lower than we’ve ever found before. As a matter of fact the last time we priced what was available the price was  closer to $1.45 a square foot.  We are buying 22,000 square feet at the price of $19,761.00. The tile is at a  warehouse in Miami. We can load it in the containers there and move it directly to the docks. What a deal!
Here comes the hard part. We not only have to purchase the tile but we need to ship the tile. Out of the 19k needed to purchase we are scratching for another $4K. It will take 2- 40ft. containers with a total price of $6350.00 to ship the containers to Haiti. Another $4,000 to move both containers off the docks. WE need a total of $14,000 to make this happen. I’ve made the faith commitment and am walking on the water. If I don’t we loose the deal.
At lunch today I had a close friend/pastor tell me he will cover the shipping of one of the containers…leaving us a balance of $11,000. Friends, I want to ask you to pray and consider a love offering toward this much needed project. Any amount would be awesome! Small or large, God is good.   Should the Lord put this in your heart, please let me know, Time is of the essence.
You can send your check to our stateside office:
Fishers of Men Ministries
P.O.Bx. 410953
Melbourne, Fl. 32941
Or You can pay by PayPal on our web site: www.fomhaiti.org
Once again Linda and I want to thank you for your continued support to the ministry here in Haiti. Without you, our Rope Holders, we would not be able to accomplish all that has been done for the glory of God.
Until the nets are full,
Pastors Jay & Linda Threadgill
Hello Saints,
I trust all of you are catching some of that summer fun and hopefully some time off from the grind. Linda and I along with our staff are working to prepare for our next school year. We have run into some temporary challenges but our faith is strong in our Lord and we know, we have the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! Most of our battles at this point is what I call the “Summer Slump”. However it seems to be slumping more than normal. For this reason I ask you to pray over a few of our challenges below.  Matthew 18:19,  tells us that “if any two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” So my brothers and sisters, we ask that you lift up these requests with us, knowing that our Father God will respond.
Every Summer we put together a supplies container that gives a strong foundation to what we need for the next 10 months in Haiti.  Text books, School Supplies, school desks, teacher desks, chairs, tools, kitchen equipment, are just some of what is loaded each year. Presently we are about 70% done with our “gotta have Needs List”. We’re probably about $4,000 short so far. In addition we will need another $5,000 to ship the container, and to move it out of customs. We cannot start the academic year without this container. To make it all worse…we need to ship this container no later than the 15th of July so that it arrives in time to pull it off the wharf. That is about a week away.  I need you to pray saints!
In addition to the food container we continue to feed kids in some of the poorest villages imaginable. I am talking about kids that cannot get a meal a day any other way. This month’s container has arrived and is being distributed… but I still need to pay the shipping of that container. $3800. I need us to pray together saints.
Linda and I continually thank our Lord for all of you who have so faithfully given into Fishers of Men Ministries. We have and will continually pour our lives into this work for the Lord. 30 years now! wow! We do need your help! We need to raise a emergency $15,000 for the above needs. Pray strong with us as we stand believing that Jehova Jira will provide.
Should the Lord put it on your hearts to financially help, you can donate by sending a check to our stateside office, or you can give on line by PayPal on our web site. So many people think… “what can I do with such a big need?” Brothers and sisters you don’t know how far a donation from the heart can go…..below are those addresses.
Mail: Fishers of Men Ministries
        P.O. Bx. 410953
       Melbourne, Fl. 32941
Two projects we have not started yet but are on our hearts.
#1- We want to tile our sanctuary. That is 150,000 sq. ft. of tile. Ykes! BUT GOD!
#2- We are in dire need for a new truck for Linda and I.  Presently, we do not have our own vehicle. We use ministry vehicles….old and tired. God is good, and he takes care of us. Probably about a $20,000 project.
We ask you all to keep us in prayer…We love you all! We know Fishers of Men Ministries is good ground. We know that seed sown will produce a Harvest.
God bless you for standing with us.
Until the nets are full,
Pastors Jay & Linda Threadgill