1986, Pastors Jay and Linda Threadgill had sense they were to called to the mission field but they were unsure of just where that meant so they seeked the Lord in prayer for more direction. When Pastor Jay was given a last minute invitation to go on a short term mission trip to Haiti, he agreed. During that trip the Lord moved in his heart for the country and the people of  Haiti. Upon returning he shared with Linda what the Lord had done during that trip and asked her to accompany him back to Haiti to see if she might feel the same.  It was during that trip they received their answers and a vision for their ministry, Fishers of Men Ministries International. The Lord spoke to Pastor Jay with what he thought was going to be a 2 year plan to cover the island with Evangelistic crusades and leadership conferences to reach as many as possible and train them up in the way of the Lord so that the nation can be taken for Jesus. At the same time, the Lord was speaking to Linda about how to bring change to a country whose needs were so great. He told her about the forgotten ones, the ones who would help usher in the change needed but that could only happen by changing one life at a time. Not knowing quite how this would all be accomplished but believed the Lord would give them direction as needed, they moved from Florida and went to work carring out the Lords plan. Within the first 2 years, Fishers of Men Ministries International planted their very first bible school and by the third year they were planting churches throughout the island. In 1994, Linda began Morning Star Christian Academy. Over 30 years later, FOMM has planted 60 churches and have opened several schools, including bible schools for adults, throught the country. Fishers of Men Ministries Internaional continues to walk out the mandate the Lord gave to Pastors Jay and Linda back in 1986, to help take a nation for Jesus.