Greetings my Beloved,
I’m sending this email to enlist you and your intercessors to stand in prayer with us. It seems we’ve found ourselves in the perfect storm. I along with Linda and staff are standing in the boat along with our Master and Savior, speaking strength, peace and power to that storm. Calling for those to stand with us as we seek God for his miracle.
FIRST, God has blessed us through the efforts of Church on the Rock-Haiti, along with our stateside partners,  to raise and order almost $20K  of floor tile to cover the flooring of the church. It took a year of special offerings through the local church in the poorest nation of our hemisphere. This in itself was a miracle of God, as we were able to order the highest grade of porcelain ceramique  tile for about a third of the retail price. The deal was, get it now while its available or it will be sold and gone. God is so good.  God’ has used several people to assist us in paying the freight charges for 2 containers to Haiti. Now the containers are on the Warf. Oh, and did I mention I have a food container on the Warf too! We are estimating around $6,000 to pull those containers out of customs. The longer they sit they begin to charge us daily storage charges. Stand with us my beloved, We need a release!
SECOND,  With the blessing of the tile within our grasp, and knowing hungry kids will be fed,  it happens to be the same month of our Annual Mardi Gras Evangelical Crusade. This crusade is a Christian Alternative to the demonic dark Haiti Mardi Gras Celebration. We have seen the crusade  grow to 50.000 plus by the final night. This has been one of our main strategies to reach the lost for the past 24 years. We’ve seen thousands saved and hundreds and hundreds of Miracles. During the same week we host our Annual Leadership Conference. We’ve had over a thousand leaders come and be spiritually refreshed. Paying for the province pastors travel, creating host homes for those traveling.  At a time I would need to appropriate funds for the crusade and conference,,…WE ARE NOW STUCK BETWEEN TWO MAJOR PROJECTS. The total of the crusade along with conference costs close to $25K. Thanks to our God we’ve raised from  both our Haiti believers and partners in the US, just over half. Thank you Jesus for what you have done and thank you Jesus for what you will do.
THIRD, one of my invitee’s to speak in the crusade had a tragic family accident and of course had to bow out of ministering with us. I’m now a minister short with just two weeks until kick off. Any Holy Ghost power, speakers of truth and righteousness out there that want to come! Shoot me a email.
AND FINALLY FOURTH!- Many of you know and some may not, that in early November my 89 year old  father was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and basically sent home, to await his day of graduation. We have and continually stand for his healing miracle, please stand with us. My sister, Leslie is the primary home care giver. Linda and myself are there as often as we can be, along with our  daughter Taina who also helps with his daily care as well. This has been a strained time for all of us. Please keep us in prayer. Nothing in the bible says that when you go home to be with Jesus, do you have to do it sick and in torment. Healed in Jesus Name.
SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! The perfect storm. One thing I am sure of. God is good and God is faithful. Linda and I have walked on the water many times over the past 30 years of ministry here in Haiti. However you, our friends and partners, have walked with us through it all.  One thing is for sure, Jesus is always there to lift you up even if you are seemingly sinking. We do declare victory over these challenges. Our eyes are on Him.
SHOULD YOU WOULD WANT TO HELP FINANCIALLY-  Please send your gift to Fishers of Men Ministries, P.O. BX 410953, Melbourne Fl. 32041 or, go to our web site and give electronically on PayPal.
We love you guys, and are determined to labor…..”UNTIL THE NETS ARE FULL!”
Pastors Jay & Linda Threadgill

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