Mardi Gras Crusade
Greetings to you all! Linda and I pray all is well with you and that the Lord is blessing you above and beyond. God is good. We want to thank all of you who gave during our Christmas container/Food container crises in December. God used you all to meet the need and we are back on track. Thank you Jesus!
I need to write to you about our next pressing need. We are two weeks away from our largest annual event, Mardi Gras Crusade and Leadership Conference. This is our 27th crusade done during this most demonic time in Haiti. As the enemy continues to try to maintain its foothold in this land, we continue to knock him back with the powerful name of Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  This year will be the greatest ever. We increased our sound capacity to handle the crowds that will grow to over 50,000 by the last night. Hundreds upon hundreds of people will accept Jesus as Lord and savior and I’m excited to see what God is going to do.
Most every year we do our best to handle a large percentage of the budget “In House”. However with the increased sound our budget for the crusade along with our leadership conference has grown  to over $40,000. It seems like a lot of funds, but the big shots that come to Haiti would pay double. We have great favor in the nation, and get great discounts.
Needless to say, We Need Some Help. We’ve raised over 20K  from our partners here in Haiti along with help from a couple of stateside churches,  But we still have a ways to go. I need to ask each and every one of you to consider planting a seed to the salvation of souls. Any amount will be a blessing.
I believe Fishers of Men Ministries, Church on the Rock, Haiti is good ground. I believe with all my heart the Lord will bless the seed that is sown.
Please send by mail or PayPal you love offering to our stateside office. PayPal is on our web site,
or send your check to our office, address:
Fishers of Men Ministries
P.O. bx. 410953
Melbourne, Fl. 32041
The mandate God gave Linda and I, 31 years ago was to “Take a Nation For Jesus!” Brothers and sisters, this is still our mandate! Together we are “Taking a Nation for Jesus!”
Linda and I want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and your financial support. God is good and We have the victory in Jesus Name. We love you all.
Until the Nets are Full
Christmas for the Children
Greetings Beloved,
It’s been a good while since I have communicated with you by email. This past year has had it’s challenges as both my parents went to be with our Lord and Savior in the same year. It’s comforting to know they are in a much better place, but boy I sure do miss them.,
Ministry here in Haiti has not missed a beat. We continually advance the Kingdom of God here in the nation of Haiti. Souls are being saved every week in the church and in our weekly outreaches. We just finished building a church for Pastor Fred in Cannan , and our next project will be to build a orphanage for Pastor Fidele on donated land. Please keep this project in prayer.
The primary reason for my writing is to encourage all our partners to take part in our Haiti Kids Christmas. These are shoe box’s or book bags filled with goodies for kids that literally have nothing.  Our annual goal is 3500 box’s. Many of you have participated in years past, and at the same time we’d love for new partners to take part in this wonderful showing of God’s love during the Christmas season.
Maybe your church, bible study, work place or individually you can make this a project. We need all the help we can get.
For more information on the Haiti Kids Christmas feel free to contact our U.S Office administrator, Jennifer Redditt. You can call the office at: 321-752-6766 or you can email her at: We will  be sending the shipping container the week of Thanksgiving so to give us time to push it through customs before Christmas. PLEASE PLEASE GIVE THIS PROJECT PRAYER! We need your help.
Linda and I pray for you all daily and truly believe God’s blessing is being poured out upon your lives. Love you all!
Pastors Jay & Linda