Dear Beloved,
Linda and I wanted to touch base with you all and thank you for your prayers. Linda and I along with our staff are gearing up for a new school year. Working on all the orders necessary to get it open for the 2019-2020 academic year. This year will be the 25th anniversary of the School. We are so excited about the fruit that Morning Star Christian Academy has produced in the lives of so many young people. We hope to celebrate sometime before Christmas so anyone wanting to come would be welcome. More information will be sent out in the months that follow.
We do have a few prayer requests and a few needs we need to raise funds. 1st, Haiti has remained in turmoil since last February.  The reasons are viable but the methods have been grievous. At the moment, the country is in a standoff because the current government and the past administration have been accused of stealing well over 2 Billion dollars in funds that were earmarked for infrastructure, schools and humanitarian projects. Please, pray for the peace of Haiti and that justice will be served.
2nd, because of the violence, our enrollments for MSCA are not where they need to be. We are praying for students to enroll and ask you to be in agreement with us. God is bigger than the problems of Haiti, and I believe the number of students will come.
3rd , it is time to load our annual summer container that carries school supplies for the 2019-2020 school year as well as ministry supplies.  To send a container and pay customs, the cost is usually around $5,000.  This is where we have to ask for your help. If The Lord would have you help with this need, you can either mail your donation to our stateside office or donate online using Pay Pal.
4th, I had to order parts and pieces for our church sound system. Man, it amazes me how much parts and pieces can cost. This was an unexpected expense that came totaled about $3,000. Should the Lord put it in your heart to give towards this need…. Praise God and thank you!
5th, Pray for our feeding program. Donations have slumped but the need continues. Fishers of Men Ministries provides a meal to school kids in some of the most impoverished areas imaginable. Please, stand with us as we pray and seek the Lord for provision for this program.
Linda and I are determined to continue in our God-given destiny…. to take Haiti for Jesus! You all have been such a great part of this and we thank God for you all daily.
Until the Nets are Full,
Jay & Linda