Dear Beloved,
Linda and I wanted to touch base with you to bring you up to date on Haiti, Fishers of Men Ministries, Morning Star Christian Academy, and Church on the Rock-Haiti.

First, as we all have been navigating these past weeks through this pandemic,  we want you to know that we hold each of you up in our prayers along with our nation daily. God is in control, and We have victory in Jesus’ Name! We are also holding up all of those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. We understand the pain and our hearts go out to you in a deep way. Praying great grace upon you and your families.

As many of you may know, Haiti is in a total lockdown. Borders, ports, and airports are totally closed to international traffic. I had gone in to bring Michael (Linda’s special needs brother) out March 9th, and the country shut down that same day. By the grace of God our State Department interceded and fights were allowed in only to take out US citizens. We are here in the states waiting for borders to be reopened so that we can return. Michael loves Haiti and asks daily when he can return.

All churches in Haiti  have been shut down along with the schools. Our school staff is working wonders in “distance learning” and students are on track to finish the year. The church is doing a live feed for Sunday and Wednesday services along with a daily prayer service. One of the handicaps of Haiti is that because it’s a cash society there is very little online giving. The up side is we are receiving thousands of views every service. Glory to God. My heart breaks for our Haitian family as they struggle to work through this Caronavirus. They have no government assistance. No PPP. No small business assistance. No unemployment compensation. With little to no giving, I’m praying and believing we can assist from here to help with their payroll.
Because of the economy here stateside, our stateside donations have been extremely affected. We want to thank each and every one of you who faithfully  pray and give to the work of the ministry. We will get through this.
With all that being said, I would like to ask you to pray and seek the Lord to what he may have you sow and give. Fishers of Men Ministries has had a great impact on the nation of Haiti for many years and we will continue, But we need some help.As I always say there is no offering too small and never too large. God will make a way.
Should you want to give, you can send a check to our stateside office or go to our web page and give online through Paypal. Stateside office: Fishers of Men Ministries, P.O. Bx. 410953Melbourne, Fl. 32941

Web page:

Once again, Linda and I are standing with you, along with our Haitian family. We’re praying daily. Together we are, “taking a nation for our Jesus”.

Love and Blessings,
Pastors Jay & Linda

Pastor Jay Threadgill
Fishers of Men Ministries International
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