Bible schoolOne of the foundations of Fishers of Men Ministries is leadership training, teaching, impartation, and formation. Fishers of Men Ministries Bible Training Center is our marquee program that was created to train and equip our future leaders. Founded in 1987, the Bible Training Center offered only a two year, “Associates degree of Practical Theology”. Since that humble beginning, we have been able to expand and offer our students a 4 year Bachelor’s degree in Theology along with the opportunity to obtain the next level of education in Theology, a “Master’s Degree”. In the future we hope to offer our students the highest level of Theology, “a Doctorate Degree”.


The Bible Training Center’s first class graduated 12 students and with each year we grew. We have had the honor of graduating over the years more than 2,000 students from the Bible Training Center. Hundreds of our graduates are now in full time ministry serving the Lord throughout Haiti as well as many nations in the world. The Bible Training Center is accredited through Jacksonville Theological Seminary and is recognized by the Haitian government. Students pay tuition monthly or annually and some qualify to be the recipient of a scholarship that will cover the costs of tuition for the year. The scholarship was created to honor family members of Pastor Jay, George and Norma Mullins,whose lives were dedicated to the Lord and serving His people. Other students are sponsored by donors that long to see change in the nation of Haiti and believe it starts with raising up a new generation of leaders empowered by the word of God.


As the need for change and great leaders continues to grow, we are determined to train men and women up in the way of the Lord so they can be a part of bringing change to Haiti. If you think you might be interested in sponsoring a student, please contact our stateside office for more information. Together we will take a nation for Jesus!


George and Norma MullinsGeorge & Norma Mullins Ministerial Scholarship

The George & Norma Mullins Ministerial Scholarship was established by their family. The Mullins’ had a lifelong passion for both the ministry and missions. It is in honor of this passion that this scholarship is established to provide for the ministerial education in Haiti.

George Mullins is the brother of Pastor Jay Threadgill’s grandfather, Houston Mullins. The Mullins family has a long history of ministers. George and Norma were both lifelong ministers. Both George and Norma were involved in the ministry for over 35 years. They were both already pastoring when the first met and were later married. He was called to the ministry while serving in the military during World War II. He began his pastoral ministry in Nebraska after his military discharge. After his first pastorate, he attended Bethany Penial College (now Southern Nazarene University) in Bethany, Oklahoma. He then pastored in Texas and Oklahoma. She attended God’s Bible School and College in Cincinnati, Ohio and Chicago Evangelistic Institute in Chicago, Illinois. She began her pastoral ministry in Texas. After their marriage, she directed the Children’s Ministry in all the churches they pastored through the end of their ministry.